Jim Leirvik

Twin dad with a coding addiction


Solution oriented, accurate in my work and truly passionate about computers and technology. I'm practical and motivated by responsibility, results and acquiring new skills/knowledge. I am comfortable working both alone and in teams, but appreciate a good team that is open to (and providing) constructive feedback and discussions. I'm eager to learn when faced with problems or technology I don't know, either through courses or on my own initiative.


  • Developer

    Adventure Tech AS

  • System Developer

    Cerpus AS

  • System Developer

    Itet AS

  • System Developer

    IST AS

  • Developer / Security Consultant

    Leirvik Nett


aka: technology I enjoy working with

API Continous Integration Docker Integrations TDD Laravel MVC NEXT NUXT PHP Python React ReactNative Symfony Vue


Programming is an art...

I started coding just before year 2000. I dabbled some with HTML/CSS before I got involved in an open source P2P application community (C++). Seeing how people were able to make that program do whatever they wanted sparked something inside me.

Today I prefer working with web and mobile development. But my greatest interest is in IoT and "connecting" the internet and the physical world together. Making something happen in or because of the real world is still incredibly fascinating. I am passionate about clean code and strongly believe code quality is necessary to enjoy working on a project.

First understand the problem, only then attempt to solve it

Ruben Verborgh


I've never bought a new computer...

I got interested in computers and technology early. My mother had a position in IT where she would bring home "old" computers and hardware. I suspect she planned to use this for her home office but luckily for me I was allowed to have fun with it.

I remember I bought my first expensive piece of hardware in 2000 when I was 15, a Geforce 256 Annihilator Pro from Creative Labs - with 32MB DDR ram! Since then I've bought a rather alarming large pile of hardware and related stuff.

Today my main interest is in server hardware.


It all started with an old Honda...

Or, to be fair it started with a Suzuki RMX 50cc. When I was 15 I got my first motorized vehicle something in me changed. I had never really been interested in cars and stuff but driving on my own changed all that.

I got my first car just before I turned 18, my dad and I traveled to Germany and found an old but good condition 1992 Honda Prelude. A few years, cars, engines and lots of tires and track days later I still love the soul calming feeling of driving off towards nothing and everything at the same time.

The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred.

Soichiro Honda


I just like to shoot things...

I think it was my godfather who was a freelance photographer that sparked my interest in photography. I mostly capture the things that are around me. That used to be a lot of cars, as the years have gone I focus more on my family and nature.

I haven't really shared much of my photos online, but I appreciate the good feedback I've gotten on the few pictures that "made it". Somehow I ended up on thephotoargus.com 10 Great Photography Locations to Shoot Before the World Ends, which I think is kinda neat :)

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.

Imogen Cunningham


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